CH Precision has developed a precision circuit and software control that allows users to adjust the feedback characteristics within their amplifiers, starting with the ratio of local to global feedback in the power amps, but in the 10 Series adding a choice of local or global feedback in the line-stage too. Why is this important? Because it allows you to control the amplifier’s damping factor (the quotient of the load impedance and the amplifier output impedance) a key consideration when it comes to speaker and room matching and the voicing of your system, especially its low-frequencies, to the acoustic environment. Where speakers are bi- or tri-amped, each driving channel can be individually tuned, so that differential damping can be applied to different frequency ranges or even between left and right channels, to help compensate for or control room gain, asymmetry or non-linearity.

All CH amplifiers provide an adjustable global versus local feedback ratio, from 100% local to 100% global. The adjustments are made in 20% steps in the case of the A1 and I1, 10% steps in the M1.1 and A1.5 and now, we have refined the control capability to allow discrete 1% steps in the latest M10, allowing an unprecedented range of control over damping factor and the interface between the loudspeaker and its driving amplifier(s).