When I started CH Precision 10 years ago, it was with the goal of not just creating the highest performance audio circuitry, but leveraging it with the flexibility of powerful, software-driven control systems and modular design, construction and application. Now, 10 years on I can proudly say that CH Precision is widely recognised as setting new standards in all three of those areas, firmly established as one of the benchmark brands in high-end audio.

Florian Cossy
CEO, CH Precision

Florian Cossy CEO, CH Precision


Every CH Precision product starts life as a blank sheet of paper, its task analysed, the performance parameters defined and the optimum engineering solution selected. There are no preconceptions. In each case, the chosen solution might be found in the digital domain or the analog, selected for its ability to deliver the best possible results in each given situation. The result is that no CH Precision product is either wholly digital or absolutely analog.