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CH Product of the Year Award 2023 News!

And the accolades for the P10 keep coming… After Michael Fremer said: ” – everything that had already been plenty good – was fundamentally and completely better…” After Roy Gregory said: “Once heard (it) is hard to forget – and harder to give up. Post P10, record replay is never going to be quite the […]

…post-P10, record replay is never going to be quite the same again

Roy Gregory publishes his in-depth review of both the P10 and the P10 Mono – throwing in exhaustive coverage of all the options AND a rationale for selectable record replay EQ! Take a glass or mug of your favourite beverage and settle in for the long haul. If you really want to learn what the […]

P10 Phono Stage Wins Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2023

Widely recognised as being amongst the most respected high-end audio awards, Stereo Sound, Japan’s Grand Prix is especially sought-after as its qualifying criteria go well beyond the norm, reflecting innovation, fit, finish, reliability and safety as well as musical performance. In short, Stereo Sound only awards the Grand Prix to products that it considers “comprehensively […]

The P10 Gets It’s First Review… …and it’s a corker!

Michael Fremer’s Review of the CH Precision P10 Phono Stage in The Absolute Sound is out now. We think it’s fair to say that he likes it! “(With the P10) The differences were not subtle, nor were the improvements minor.” “It wasn’t a “hmm that’s somewhat better” moment. It was more a “wow, that’s amazing” […]

Roy Gregory’s comprehensive C1.2 review

C1.2 Digital to Analog Controller - CH Link Screen (front view, high angle)

Roy Gregory’s comprehensive C1.2 review for is ready to read, in full, right here. Detailing the differences between the C1 and the C1.2, both mechanically and sonically, as well as the way it fits around the other boxes in the CH digital eco-system, this is a must read for anybody contemplating a serious DAC/Controller […]

VUmètre Magazine Reviews The CH Precision Digital Eco-System

Following on from their eye (and ear) opening D1.5 experience, French magazine VUmètre has reviewed the full CH Precision four-box digital front end, with the latest C1.2 DAC, D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport, X1 power supply and T1 Time Reference master clock. You can read the English or French version of the review here below but let’s […]

Absolute Sound Magazine 2023 Editors’ Choice Awards

The Absolute Sound Magazine has published its 2023 Editors’ Choice Awards Issue, recognising the great and the good amongst audio products. No fewer than NINE individual CH Precision products featured amongst the Awards. The winners were the A1.5, M1.1 and M10 amplifiers, L1 and L10 line-stage preamplifiers, the P1 phono-stage, C1.2 DAC/controller, the D1.5 CD/SACD […]

The perfect Christmas or New Year present for your system (or your significant other…)

A little taste of the 10 Series.. Upgrade your grounding spikes. Upgrade your system. Enjoy more music! The latest CH Precision components come with our new, composite grounding/levelling spikes. The polymer shafts mated to hardened aluminum tips allow you to get each unit not just level, but really, really level as well as perfectly balanced, […]

Once Again The Results Are In…

CH Precision M10 Power Amplifier & Power Supply with L10 Preamplifier & Power Supply (Power & volume screens)

The Absolute Sound has published its 2022 Buyers Guide, the premier review magazine collating the list of those products recommended by its writers and editorial staff. At CH Precision, we are pleased and proud that no fewer than 10 of the 11 products in our range have received this highest level of recognition. The odd […]

CH Precision Wins Coveted Audio Oasis Award from PFO’s David Robinson at Pacific Audio Fest

Positive Feedback’s David Robinson awarded the Bending Wave room at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022, one of his sought-after Audio Oasis awards, for a system built around the CH Precision L10 and M10 amplifiers. Interestingly, he thought he was listening to mono-blocs, whereas in fact only a single M10 was in play! Read more here