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‘Enjoy the Music’ recognises the I1 Integrated Amplifier with Blue Note Award 2020

In February 2020, Greg Weaver reviewed the CH Precision I1 and we think it’s fair to say that he liked it… a lot! Enough to give it one of this year’s coveted Blue Note awards. There’s a link to his full review below, but for those who habitually skip to the highlights – “I absolutely […]

TheAudioBeat ascends CH Precision’s Stairway To Heaven…

In what must be considered both an audio first and something of a Magnum Opus, Roy Gregory conducts a step-by-step assessment of CH’s digital upgrade path, all the way from one-box to EIGHT! His Conclusion? Once you understand the significant musical contribution made by the external supplies, there’s an appealing logic and clarity to the […]

CH Precision meets the WAMM MC (complete with subs) as the abso!ute sound magazine reviews the A1.5 amplifier

Wilson’s most expensive and demanding speaker system, the legendary WAMM MC with matching Subsonic woofers is a daunting challenge for any amplifier, but it’s a challenge that CH Precision’s most affordable model, the A1.5 proved more than capable of meeting. Using a pair of A1.5s running in stereo mode (the Wilson speaker system requires four […]

Hi-Fi+ Reviews the A1.5 Power Amplifier

UK magazine Hi-Fi+ has just published its review of the A1.5 Amplifier (Issue 184, June 2020). Written by erstwhile Editor Roy Gregory (who still seems to get all the biggest and best products that come their way), he describes it as: “…pretty much a… Masterclass in the subtle art of exerting control without appearing to, […]

Florian Speaks!

CH Precision is developing a reputation as a company that does things differently, that produces products that take a new look at and provide different answers to established questions. That comes down to the people and thinking behind those products. This article on offers a rare insight into the attitudes and thought processes behind […]

Roy Gregory reviews the P1 Phono-Stage – in ALL its glory!

P1 Dual Monaural Phono-Stage - MM_MC screen (front view) has posted a fascinating review of the P1 Phono-Stage – in all its options, up to and including the full, four-box, true monaural flagship system. Roy Gregory (Editor, Europe and the UK) is already the proud owner of a P1/X1 pairing, that he uses for all his listening work, but the opportunity to experience […]

Alan Sircom (Editor, Hi-Fi Plus Magazine) visits CH Precision

CH Precision Factory Visit

In the March Issue of Hi-Fi Plus Magazine (Issue 181) Alan Sircom has written a great piece recounting his recent visit to the CH Precision offices and manufacturing facility in Preverenges, Switzerland. As a follow up to his review of the L1, four-box, true monaural line-stage (Issue 175), a product and experience that it is […]

Product of the Year Award For A1.5

HiFi Review Products of the Year - CH Precision

The highly respected Hong Kong publication Hi-Fi Review, has included the CH Precision A1.5 power amplifier in its exclusive Products of the Year listing for 2019. Applauding not just its sound quality but also its versatility, Hi-Fi Review has recognised what we have always known – all amps really should be built this way…