The P10 Gets It’s First Review… …and it’s a corker!

Michael Fremer’s Review of the CH Precision P10 Phono Stage in The Absolute Sound is out now. We think it’s fair to say that he likes it!

“(With the P10) The differences were not subtle, nor were the improvements minor.”

“It wasn’t a “hmm that’s somewhat better” moment. It was more a “wow, that’s amazing” one, in which the entire presentation – everything that had already been plenty good – was fundamentally and completely better…”

“…whatever that (musical) world might be, visiting it through the CH Precision P10 will take you on musical adventures into uncharted territory you may not have thought even existed within your most familiar records. Boy, does that sound like hype, but it’s what I experienced every listen and I stand by it!”

Yep – he definitely likes it!!

As a long-term P1/X1 owner we knew that Mikey would be hard to impress – but impress him the P10 did. Is this the new benchmark?

Read the full review here