VUmètre Magazine Reviews The CH Precision Digital Eco-System

Following on from their eye (and ear) opening D1.5 experience, French magazine VUmètre has reviewed the full CH Precision four-box digital front end, with the latest C1.2 DAC, D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport, X1 power supply and T1 Time Reference master clock. You can read the English or French version of the review here below but let’s just say that there is something wonderfully, inimitably and unmistakably French about the process, the reactions and the conclusions. Tracking each step of the upgrade path, it’s a real breath of fresh air when so many reviews seem to use interchangable cliches in place of genuine insights. Yes, it’s about the technology and the thinking, but it’s also about the art and, above all, about the music…

English Review (PDF)

French Review (PDF)