…post-P10, record replay is never going to be quite the same again

Roy Gregory publishes his in-depth review of both the P10 and the P10 Mono – throwing in exhaustive coverage of all the options AND a rationale for selectable record replay EQ!

Take a glass or mug of your favourite beverage and settle in for the long haul. If you really want to learn what the latest 10 Series product is all about, this is a great place to start. Gy8 only reviews what it considers to be worthwhile products – and it considers the P10 to be very special indeed.

“(The P10) Once heard is hard to forget – and harder to give up. Outrageously expensive, even in its standard, twin-chassis form, this is a product and a performance that anybody serious about vinyl reproduction needs to hear – if only for the educational experience. It’s versatility and ability to match multiple, different cartridges, combined with the limited system context that any source component enjoys, means that for once, not only might there just be a meaningful best, but for the moment, this is it.”

And that’s not even the conclusion!

“Meanwhile, what’s the best thing about the P10? For anybody who doesn’t have the $76,000 ticket, it’s going to be the number of factory certified, pre-owned P1s that are going to become available. Given CH’s flawless record when it comes to longevity, reliability and updating its products, there’s never been a better time to invest in the world’s second-best phono-stage! Because for all those people who already own, appreciate and enjoy the P1, once they hear the P10, like me, they’re going to find it awfully hard to say no…”

Read the full review here or read the EQ Curves Discussion here.