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Florian Speaks!

CH Precision is developing a reputation as a company that does things differently, that produces products that take a new look at and provide different answers to established questions. That comes down to the people and thinking behind those products. This article on offers a rare insight into the attitudes and thought processes behind […]

Added Performance and Added Value With the X1

In a follow up to his L1 review, Christiaan Punter at Hi-Fi Advice has been enjoying the benefits of adding the X1 external power supply into the equation, first with the C1 then the L1 and finally, the two together. Christiaan’s conclusion: “Such are the seductive qualities of the X1 that one would be wise […]

Roy Gregory reviews the P1 Phono-Stage – in ALL its glory!

P1 Dual Monaural Phono-Stage - MM_MC screen (front view) has posted a fascinating review of the P1 Phono-Stage – in all its options, up to and including the full, four-box, true monaural flagship system. Roy Gregory (Editor, Europe and the UK) is already the proud owner of a P1/X1 pairing, that he uses for all his listening work, but the opportunity to experience […]

Alan Sircom (Editor, Hi-Fi Plus Magazine) visits CH Precision

CH Precision Factory Visit

In the March Issue of Hi-Fi Plus Magazine (Issue 181) Alan Sircom has written a great piece recounting his recent visit to the CH Precision offices and manufacturing facility in Preverenges, Switzerland. As a follow up to his review of the L1, four-box, true monaural line-stage (Issue 175), a product and experience that it is […]

Upgrading the M1 amplifier to M1.1

As part of the A1.5’s development, CH Precision has recently compared top of the line electrolytic power capacitors from several of the most renown component manufacturers. Voltage rail ripple measurement, amplifier output noise measurement, and most importantly direct listening comparison allowed us to easily rank the tested models in term of micro and macro dynamics, […]

Munich show 2019

We are thrilled to announce CH Precision’s participation to the Munich show! You’re all more than welcome to pay us a visit during the four days of exhibition. We will showcase no less than five setups into the atrium rooms: Room E223. A full monaural CH system with Wilson Benesch speakers, Masterbuilt Audio and Etsuro […]