10 Series

Flagship Components

The same revolutionary system architecture, sophisticated software control and expandable, configurable topology as the 1 Series but with unprecedented levels of performance.

  • Applying every lesson we’ve learnt, questioning every assumption.
  • Refining PCB layouts and sourcing superior components.
  • Going back to the drawing board to offer new circuit solutions and even greater versatility in operation.
  • Two box topology with separate dedicated power supplies for both pre and power.
  • A choice of our standard pale gray finish or champagne gold (as a special order).

More power, more capability but above all, much more performance.

The 10 Series has exceeded even our expectations. Let it exceed yours…

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1 Series

Classic Components

Where it all started. CH Precision’s Classic Series components established not just the name but also the company’s ground-breaking approach.

Ultra-short, fully discrete, fully complimentary signal paths are combined with the power of sophisticated software control to deliver:

  • Perfect, stable operating conditions.
  • Proprietary technologies.
  • Unparalleled versatility and user configurable options.
  • Expandable, upgradable system topology that grows with your system.
  • Modular, card cage construction creates future proof products.

The result is astonishingly natural, communicative musical performance from a system that you can shape or adapt to your every need.

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