Adaptability – to changing inputs, to evolving system demands and changing circumstances – is what gives CH products that rarest of all audio attributes; a long working life. Whether you need a different input to accommodate a new source, to reconfigure your amplifier output stage to better suit a new speaker, you want to upgrade to dual-mono components or add additional power supplies, the unit you already own allows you to do just that…

But, not only will a CH component continue to provide the performance you originally fell in love with and the facilities you demand, adapting over time to changes in its situation, it can also be kept at the cutting-edge of audio technology and sonic performance, ensuring that it (and your system) becomes ever more musically captivating and convincing – without you ever having to exchange the core component.

It’s even environmentally friendly. Not only do all CH Precision products meet the consumption standards defined by environmental agencies, longer life-spans mean less replacement and recycling of electronic components, less landfill and less potentially harmful chemical waste. That makes them as long on practicality and value as they are long lived – and the more CH Precision components you have in your system, the further that performance extends and the greater those benefits become.

We realise that this isn’t the way that most companies do things. We don’t believe in fashionable, silver-bullet solutions or built-in obsolescence. We don’t believe in expedient solutions or hidden savings. We do believe in selecting the best components and materials, in rigorous engineering and exacting standards when it comes to the manufacturing, assembly and the quality of the finished product. Above all, we believe in the value we build into our products, the value they retain and the ultimate value of the satisfaction they deliver. Value can be measured in many ways and at CH Precision we take value seriously.

We are quietly confident that our products offer both exceptional performance and outstanding value – in terms of the quality, longevity and experience they provide. But we don’t shout about it and you don’t need to take our word for it. The logic is inescapable and their performance speaks for itself.