Roy Gregory reviews the P1 Phono-Stage – in ALL its glory!

P1 Dual Monaural Phono-Stage - MM_MC screen (front view) has posted a fascinating review of the P1 Phono-Stage – in all its options, up to and including the full, four-box, true monaural flagship system.

Roy Gregory (Editor, Europe and the UK) is already the proud owner of a P1/X1 pairing, that he uses for all his listening work, but the opportunity to experience the remaining steps on the upgrade path proved too attractive to resist. His conclusion? While the audio industry is fond of quoting the law of diminishing returns, don’t go thinking that it applies here. Further, he states:

“…the P1, a product that provides not one but three benchmarks when it comes to the best available performance from vinyl records: one box, two boxes or four, the CH Precision P1 really does set the price/performance standard against which all others should be measured.”

You can read the full review at:

Enjoy: He certainly did – and so did we!