Prestigious Awards for 10 Series Amplifiers

CH Precision M10 Power Amplifier with L10 Line-Preamplifier

We are proud to announce that our new 10 Series flagship amplifiers have already received international recognition in the shape of two prestigious awards from leading magazines.

In Japan, high-profile magazine Stereo Sound has awarded the L10 Line-Preamplifier its highest honour, the Grand Prix for 2020. Widely recognised as being amongst the most respected high-end audio awards, the Grand Prix is especially sought-after as its qualifying criteria go well beyond the norm, reflecting innovation, fit, finish, reliability and safety as well as musical performance. In short, Stereo Sound only awards the Grand Prix to products that it considers “comprehensively superior.”

We are also especially pleased to receive the 2020 Innovation Award from Hi-Fi+ magazine in the UK. Bowled over by the expandable, upgradable nature of the 1 Series, editor Alan Sircom described the four-box, true-monaural L1 as “one of the best preamps ever made.” In giving the Innovation Award to the 10 Series, the magazine recognises not just the significant sonic and musical advances we’ve made with these new flagship amplifiers, but the fundamentally different design and engineering approach that underpins all our products.