Hi-Fi+ Reviews the A1.5 Power Amplifier

UK magazine Hi-Fi+ has just published its review of the A1.5 Amplifier (Issue 184, June 2020). Written by erstwhile Editor Roy Gregory (who still seems to get all the biggest and best products that come their way), he describes it as:

“…pretty much a… Masterclass in the subtle art of exerting control without appearing to, of achieving separation without dissection, power without apparent exertion.”

Going on to add:

“That’s the beauty of the A-1.5; it does more than you expect – and it does it without you noticing the doing.”

And that’s just in the first paragraph! The rest of the review is just as positive, from its discussion of the amp’s flexibility and facilities to its fabulously natural, unexaggerated, musical performance. After which the conclusion is just the icing on the cake:

“After living with the unadorned honesty, unbridled enthusiasm and self-effacing excellence of this most modest of audio components, it’s awfully hard to go back. Doing (almost) everything an amp should, and almost nothing it shouldn’t, maybe all amps really should be built this way.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. In fact, the last line references our view directly. To read the full review and what it was about the A1.5 that we all agree on, click below.

Hi-Fi+ A1.5 Amplifier Review (PDF)