CH Precision meets the WAMM MC (complete with subs) as the abso!ute sound magazine reviews the A1.5 amplifier

Wilson’s most expensive and demanding speaker system, the legendary WAMM MC with matching Subsonic woofers is a daunting challenge for any amplifier, but it’s a challenge that CH Precision’s most affordable model, the A1.5 proved more than capable of meeting. Using a pair of A1.5s running in stereo mode (the Wilson speaker system requires four channels when you use it with the matching subs) Jacob Heilbrunn noted that:

“With the A1.5 amps in the system, the bass notes were taut and lithe. …it hung onto the notes with enviable tenacity.”

Going on to add:

“You get the sense that you’re seeing into and around the instruments all the way to the rear of the hall.”

“What I did keep hearing was clarity on steroids.”

Even listening through the audio equivalent of the Hubble Telescope, Jacob found the A1.5 both musically sympathetic and neutral, with a confident and capable performance belying its modest price – at least when compared to the components surrounding it:

“ …make no mistake: What the A1.5 offers you is more than an introduction to the high end.”

In fact, with some of the most costly components on the planet arranged on either side of it, the A1.5 was as unflustered as it was un-phased. Which, as Jacob points out, makes it interesting to consider just what a pair of M1.1s might achieve?

You can read the full review here