CH Precision at High End Munich Show – Atrium 4.1, F118

This year, there’s a bumper crop of new product to see and hear. There are new digital products that are yet to see their first show outing, as well as the mighty 10 Series amplifiers!

Demonstrations will centre on the digital upgrade path, starting with the new D1.5 CD/SACD player/transport with the X1 Power Supply. Once you are familiar with that, we’ll be adding the C1 DAC/Controller and comparing that to the new C1.2, before finally hooking up the T1 Time Reference, to move by stages from a two-box to a fully upgradable four-box digital front-end. As always, a big part of that ‘upgradability’ is the opportunity to have any C1 upgraded to full C1.2 status for the difference in price between the two units.

The system will be running a single L10 line-stage and a pair of M10 stereo power amps, bi-amping Rockport Lyra speakers. We will also be demonstrating the difference between the L1/X1 and the L10 – and there will be the chance to hear the benefits of both switchable replay EQ for vinyl and the latest in optical disc formats.

We look forward to seeing you there.