The Show Must Go On(Line)…

The threat of the Coronavirus looms large over the World as a whole, but even this blackest of clouds has a silver lining. The advice to stay home and limit social contact is an opportunity for all of us to enjoy our systems and discover (or rediscover) great music.

With time on our hands, what better way to spend it than a trawl down our musical memory lane, finally getting around to investigating those other works from a familiar composer that we’d always promised to hear, or simply discovering new performances of old favourites?

So, if inspiration fails, over the coming weeks we’ll be posting on Facebook a series of suggested recordings, music across all genres, music you might have forgotten or never discovered – but always music to engage and entertain, experience and enjoy, discs or downloads that you might like to visit or re-visit, to help while away the hours in the most enjoyable of ways. Whether you listen through CH Precision components or not, music is universal and music is to be shared – at a time when we can’t share so much else.