The First 10 Series Review Is In…

CH Precision M10 Power Amplifier & Power Supply with L10 Preamplifier & Power Supply (Power & volume screens)

Six pages, the cover and a “Ten Out Of 10” headline, it couldn’t be much more positive.

Writing in Hi-Fi+ magazine, Roy Gregory doesn’t just deliver an in-depth review of the L10 line-stage preamplifier and a pair of M10 twin-chassis power amps, he compares them directly to the equivalent 1 Series products – and he doesn’t mince his words! His conclusion? “Simply better!” – and that’s compared to all the rest, not just the 1 Series! With a follow up promised from Editor Alan Sircom (as soon as Covid allows) it looks like the 10 Series is well on its way to setting a new performance benchmark for audio amplification. The final line of the review pretty much sums it up :-

“First exposure to a product like this can be as disturbing as it is exciting, but as a wise woman once sang, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good!”

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