CH-Control Android App

The complex, configurable nature of CH components means that initial set up can be a daunting prospect, involving multiple stacked menus and myriad different parameters. With a little practice, it becomes second nature – but why practice when there’s a simpler, more accessible and more intuitive alternative that actually promises both superior set up and easier operation?

Product Description

Meet the CH-Control App – a control application that allows users direct access to every aspect of their CH system’s set up and use via any Android portable device. The software control systems used to set and monitor the operational parameters of each and every CH component offer the perfect opportunity for remote operation via a portable App.

To use the CH-Control App, all you will need is an Android device and to connect your CH components to an Ethernet network. That can be done either through the Ethernet control board fitted as standard to all CH units, or through the network streaming board that can be installed in C1.2, C1.2 Mono or I1 units. We would always recommend using a dedicated tablet and network for your music streaming and system control requirements. But once your CH system is all hooked up, the App gives you touch screen access to every setting on every CH component, from the output topology of your amplifier to individual global feedback ratio and gain settings for each channel. Likewise, you can adjust gain in the P1 or select EQ for each record, switch digital filters in the C1.2 or disc layers in the D1.5 CD/SACD player. But best of all, you can do it from the listening seat, which is of course convenient but is also a huge benefit when it comes to whole system set up or optimization for individual recordings. Either way, the CH Control App allows you to make easier and more accurate judgements: total control, quite literally at your fingertips.

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The features of every CH product are accessible through the CH-Control App

  • Built-in UPnP controller to stream dematerialized music, create playlists from your local server, audio streaming services or internet radio
  • Set volume level, select sources, reverse phase, mute etc.
  • Access to all the advanced set up parameters in every CH product.
  • Works on a standard Ethernet network
  • You can see the CH-Control App in action on our YouTube channel
  • The CH-Control App is available free from the Google Store

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