Upgrading the M1 amplifier to M1.1

As part of the A1.5’s development, CH Precision has recently compared top of the line electrolytic power capacitors from several of the most renown component manufacturers.

Voltage rail ripple measurement, amplifier output noise measurement, and most importantly direct listening comparison allowed us to easily rank the tested models in term of micro and macro dynamics, noise floor and low frequency control.

After further refinement and customization with the manufacturer of the best model that we tested, we were able to finalize the A1’s bigger brother, the A1.5.

CH Precision then built upon this knowledge and new partnership to co-design a 120’000uF capacitor to replace the M1’s 100’000uF used so far.

The improvement that these new power capacitors provided was so striking that we decided to discontinue the original M1 model and replace it right away with an M1.1 model, featuring these custom-made red 120’000uF capacitors.

All original M1 owners can contact their local dealer to arrange an upgrade to M1.1.

If you’d like to know more about the sonic improvement that these new capacitors brought, please read Mr. Roy Gregory’s report from last October on The Audio Beat.