The D1.5 is Here..

CH Precision Releases D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport

The D1 CD/SACD player/transport was CH Precision’s first ever product, a discrete multi-channel capable machine that established our now familiar, user configurable, upgradable, card-cage construction. For over a decade, along with the C1 DAC, it has set the standard for high-resolution disc replay, even though, these days the focus for many listeners has switched to file replay.

Yet, with the constant development of new production techniques, materials and even formats, optical disc has never sounded so good. The emergence of Glass CD, SHM discs, UHQCD and new formats such as MQA-CD has improved performance, giving disc replay a renewed relevance – while millions of existing discs still offer superb performance(s). But at the same time, the quality of replay hardware has diminished significantly, undermining those advances and masking their real value.

Time to revisit disc replay – Swiss style. To match improving digital standards we have developed our own, mechanically damped, high-mass MORSe transport mechanism. We have revised the optional on-board decoding, updating it with our proprietary PEtER spline filter algorithm. We have added MQA replay capability, while also allowing users the choice of optimized MQA digital output when connected to an external, MQA capable DAC, avoiding on-the-fly sample-rate switching.

Meet the D1.5: same face; same precision engineering and flawless finish; same versatile, configurable, upgradable character; still the foundation stone of the CH digital eco-system – but now delivering a whole new level of performance!

The D1.5 SACD/CD compatible Player/Transport will be making its first public appearances as follows :-

November 5th & 6th
Tokyo International Audio Show 2021, Japan – Zephyrn Inc.
Taipei International Audio Show 2021, Taiwan – Audio Summit
Acoustic Gallery, 8 rue Gounod, 75017, Paris, France

November 12th & 13th
Sunny Components, CA 91724, USA

November 19th & 20th
HVP Audio, Rijswijk, Netherlands

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