THE 2022 TAS Editors’ Choice Awards

The Absolute Sound Magazine has published its 2022 Editors’ Choice Awards Issue, recognising the great and the good amongst audio products. Following on from the 2021 L10/M10’s Overall Product Of The Year Award, no fewer than EIGHT individual CH Precision products received Editors’ Choice Awards.

The winners were the A1.5, M1.1 and M10 amplifiers, L1 and L10 line-stage preamplifiers, the P1 phono-stage, C1 DAC/controller and the I1 integrated amplifier!

But even more impressive is the fact that the only products to miss out are the new D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport (which the magazine has yet to hear, let alone review) the X1 external power supply (which isn’t a standalone product) and the T1 Time Reference Master Clock (which has never been reviewed as a standalone product).

Which means that every single eligible product received an award.

We’d like to thank The Absolute Sound, its writers and editors, for recognising and rewarding the universal excellence of CH Precision’s products.