Once Again The Results Are In…

CH Precision M10 Power Amplifier & Power Supply with L10 Preamplifier & Power Supply (Power & volume screens)

The Absolute Sound has published its 2022 Buyers Guide, the premier review magazine collating the list of those products recommended by its writers and editorial staff. At CH Precision, we are pleased and proud that no fewer than 10 of the 11 products in our range have received this highest level of recognition. The odd one out? We’ve never submitted our T1 Time Reference Master Clock for review, so it doesn’t qualify for consideration –  a situation that, with the arrival of the C1.2, we should soon rectify. Meanwhile, we’d just like to say that we’ve appreciated the efforts of the TAS reviewers as much as they’ve clearly appreciated our products.

The full list of CH Precision products listed in the TAS 2022 Buyers Guide:

Digital Components

D1.5 CD/SACD Player/Transport

C1.2 DAC/Controller

Analog Components

P1 Phono-Stage (and X1 Power Supply)

L1 Line-Stage Preamplifier (and X1 Power Supply)

L10 Line-Stage Preamplifier

Power Amplifiers




Integrated Amplifier