Marc Mickelson Reviews the L10 and M10s on

A typically perceptive and beautifully considered review of the L10 preamplifier and M10 amplifiers from Marc Mickelson. It captures exactly what makes the CH Precision flagship amplifiers so special – and so different.

“For a change, the bass-drum whacks on Telarc’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” from the SACD of Copland and Hindemith compositions [Telarc SACD-60648] were huge percussive whomps — sharp and powerful, a punch to the sternum — but the tam-tam crashes were even more impressive: quick, steely bangs followed by seconds-long decay. But in keeping with everything else the L10 and M10 achieve, all of the fireworks were integrated into the presentation. With the Wilson XVXes and Subsonics or the Stenheim Ultime 2s, the CH Precision electronics produced true reference sound and would just as readily impress tube lovers as listeners who lean toward solid state.”

“…but what sets the L10 and M10 apart from the rest of the market – and I do mean every preamp and amp I’ve heard — is the way they defy the usual, creating a new paradigm for reproduced music in the process.”

The quotes pretty much speak for themselves! You can read the complete review at:

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