Latest L1/A1.5 review from Dennis Davis of

Our latest review is out and it makes for especially interesting reading. Why? Unlike many reviews of CH Precision components, this piece doesn’t dwell on the complexity, range of options or upgradability of the products. It doesn’t feature the 10 Series (which has been getting so much attention recently) and it doesn’t feature stacks of near-identical looking boxes. Instead, it concentrates on the simplest possible, two-box set up – an L1 line-stage and A1.5 amplifier. It concentrates entirely on their musical contribution – and it does so from the point of view of a listener with a long history of living with tube amps!

A few quotations?

“Looking at my listening notes now, I find the scrawled question, “Can I live without this amplifier?”

“…the CH Precision A1.5 shares the M10’s DNA and shares its fundamental magic. While you can label the L1 and A1.5 as “entry level” in CH Precision terms, perhaps it’s more accurate to think of the pair as entry-level ultra-high-end audio, marking, as they do, a step up in musical expectation.”

“This preamp and amp simply make my recordings sound more like live music. Can I live without them? The review samples have departed, and the second stage of withdrawal — plotting their return — has begun.”

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