‘Enjoy the Music’ recognises the I1 Integrated Amplifier with Blue Note Award 2020

ETM Award

In February 2020, Greg Weaver reviewed the CH Precision I1 and we think it’s fair to say that he liked it… a lot! Enough to give it one of this year’s coveted Blue Note awards. There’s a link to his full review below, but for those who habitually skip to the highlights –

“I absolutely loved my time with this splendid device. The CH Precision I1 offers a level of performance from a single package that is completely unsurpassed in my experience… a dazzling and exhilarating execution of a product in a relatively new device category; While I could never call the I1 an “affordable” all-in-one solution, the level of resolve, refinement, grace, sophistication, and engagement this device offers make it an absolute steal, an overachieving value, a true bargain at its lofty price point. Most highly recommended.”

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