Alan Sircom (Editor, Hi-Fi Plus Magazine) visits CH Precision

CH Precision Factory Visit

In the March Issue of Hi-Fi Plus Magazine (Issue 181) Alan Sircom has written a great piece recounting his recent visit to the CH Precision offices and manufacturing facility in Preverenges, Switzerland. As a follow up to his review of the L1, four-box, true monaural line-stage (Issue 175), a product and experience that it is fair to say, rearranged both his sensibilities and his appreciation of just what’s possible, he set out to discover just what lies behind CH Precision’s standard setting electronic designs.

Well, discover he did – and more than he expected, as he realised just how genuinely different the CH products are and how those differences are rooted firmly in the company’s design philosophy. If you ever wondered what it is that makes CH Precision’s products not just so musically satisfying but so conceptually superior to the competition, this is a great place to start seeking answers.

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