Some audio products seem to have a lifespan that’s shorter than a Mayfly. One minute they’re your pride and joy, the next they’ve been superseded by a newer  better’ model, or the rest of your system has outgrown them.

But not if you buy a CH Precision product! Every-single product we make is a modular, card-cage design, allowing you to upgrade it and keep it fully current. More than that, every product we make can be expanded to further improve performance. Buy an L1 line-stage and that single box could grow into a four-box solution with dual monaural signal chassis and external power supplies. Whether we are talking digital source components, your phono- or line-stage, your power amp or even your integrated amp, each and every component in both the CH Precision 10 Series and 1 Series is upgradeable and expandable, delivering tangible, future-proof performance benefits.