Normally, when a company launches a new product they can’t wait to tell you what it does. But with the 10 Series – the L10 Dual Monaural Twin-Chassis Line Preamplifier and M10 Twin-Chassis Power Amplifier – the opposite is true. We believe that they set a completely new standard when it comes to reproducing the
musical event, not because of what they do but because of what they don’t!

  • They don’t limit low-level resolution or compress even the most outrageous dynamic demands.
  • They don’t collapse space or blur harmonics, bleach colours or chop rhythms.
  • They don’t smooth, etch or sweeten, they don’t add to or impose their own character on proceedings.

In fact, they are pretty much invisible. Versatile and configurable, with sophisticated software control of critical operational parameters, they transcend traditional technological limitations. These amplifiers don’t sound solid-state. They don’t sound tube. The really don’t sound like anything – except the music you feed into them and that they produce from your speakers.

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