Added Performance and Added Value With the X1

In a follow up to his L1 review, Christiaan Punter at Hi-Fi Advice has been enjoying the benefits of adding the X1 external power supply into the equation, first with the C1 then the L1 and finally, the two together.

Christiaan’s conclusion:

“Such are the seductive qualities of the X1 that one would be wise not to audition it if the funds are not available. Taking the unit for a listen is guaranteed to induce a “must-have” lust.”

That will come as no surprise to anybody who has heard the affect of adding the X1, whether it is used to power one unit or two.  As Christiaan points out, what works with the C1 or L1 only gets better once the X1 is powering both. So, no law of diminishing returns here then!